While doing some research, I came across the death masks of a few historical figures. Some even date back to the 1300s. It’s truly fascinating to look at the cast of a person who lived several hundred years ago and realize that you are essentially seeing exactly how they looked in their final moments.

Particularly because I was born in The City of Brotherly Love, I am with all of my heart absolutely ashamed with Philadelphia today. It is an atrocity and an insult to Ben Franklin’s legacy of founding the first American library in Philly that the cities politicians would allow their public libraries to close. Perhaps I don’t know the political climate in the state of Pennsylvania well enough, but I do know that it is simply unacceptable to allow the greatest record of our culture and past to be treated as though it were so disposable.

20x200 is a project that gives emerging artists exposure while at the same time allowing anyone to collect work at a modest price. I have a good mind to purchase the two images below and hang them above my desk. They’d be perfect reminders to not take advertising too seriously.

Nadav Kander is a photographer who shoots both people and places. His diverse body of work includes portraits of people ranging from Obama to Kissenger and Pele to Bertolucci. He has photographed the the Yangtze River, the Arcticle Circle, Chernobyl and explored the human form as a landscape.

These designer axes appeal to both my artistic and pathological sensibilities. One of these affordable pieces of art would look great hanging over my couch - in a Duchamp kind of way. The other nice aspect of owning a Best Made Axe is the obvious; nobody messes with the person with an axe in their hand.

The gang over at Shilo never cease to amaze me. I recently had the opportunity to work with several members of the team who are responsible for their newest piece, Still Run. These guys are truly dedicated creators and vicious ping-pong players as well.