One of my favorite parts of Fight Club is the notion that the fat extracted during liposuction could be processed into soap and sold back to the very same rich people that it originally came from. This is exactly what I thought of when I heard of single malt whisky made from the urine of geriatric people. Then I thought about my friend who once dated a macrobiotic guy that drank his own pee and kept it cold in the fridge. I just hope he brushed his teeth before smooching.

I’ve always admired the dots, dashes and shapes that at one time adorned the covers of many jazz and classical music record sleeves. Project Thirty-Three is a blog dedicated to showcasing these kinds of designs that feature bold color combinations and geometric relationships.

I recently heard about a rather interesting service that allows people to share the things that they own with others in their neighborhood. The big idea behind Neighborgoods is to help people behave more like a community and consume less things that they simply don’t need to buy.

Etsy is fantastic marketplace to find all kinds of handmade items created by individuals and small companies. Here is a short video on David Ellison, a wood worker and furniture builder who left his job in corporate America to work with his hands. Instead of paying a premium for mass produced furniture in a store, I went to Etsy and I’m hiring David to build me a unique platform bed.

WFMU Radio has launched the Free Music Archive, a wonderful curated collection of music that spans many genres and can be downloaded at no cost. Additionally, these songs have been made available in an arrangement inspired by the Creative Commons licensing movement and are pre-cleared for most uses.