At the young age of 30, photographer Ryan McGinley has firmly established himself as one of the most celebrated fine art photographers of his generation. His current series entitled, I Know Where the Summer Goes is on display at New York’s Team Gallery until May 3rd. For this project inspired by nudist magazines from the 60’s & 70’s, McGinley hit the road with a group of models for the summer. Having shot 4000 rolls of film that resulted in 150,000 images, McGinley edited the show down to 50 photographs.

Controversial animation director Ralph Bakshi is best known for his cult classic Fritz the Cat. If you aren’t familiar with his work, think Robert Crumb as a filmmaker. Bakshi is also credited with elevating rotoscope animation techniques to new levels with his version of The of Lord of the Rings (1978) and American Pop (1981). The truth is that Bakshi is a rebel. He is literally the Cool World to a more mainstream Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

In recent years, Bakshi has spent the better part of his time working as a painter. He will be in attendance on Thursday April 17th for the opening of his work at the Animazing Gallery.

In between deep fried burritos and bratwurst sandwiches, I had the opportunity to see an array of different performers at this years SxSW Music Festival in Austin. However, I really never could have foreseen in a million years that I would spend my final night watching the cavemen themed Scandinavian black-metal band Goat the Head awe such a large crowd. Shrouded in animal pelts and smeared with blood, these Norwegian rockers made me realize that to see them was to believe them. Here is a short promo for their forthcoming album.