This past Spring, I was extremely honored to be interviewed by The Great Discontent -  a journal of interviews with creators of different disciplines and also, one of my favorite projects on the web. A very heart-felt thank you goes out to Tina and Ryan Essmaker for inviting me to take part.

Thursday evening, we debuted our first film — on the Breuckelen Distilling Company — at Studiomates, the collaborative workspace in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Since so much of the inspiration behind Made by Hand has come from the creative community in Brooklyn, this was a special opportunity for us. We’re exceedingly grateful to the people of Studiomates — and the makers in Brooklyn and elsewhere who inspire us every day.

We’re pleased now to release our first film into the world; go and watch it now. Brad Estabrooke’s tale is one of knowing you could fail, and moving ahead anyway — perhaps the most important ethos of the handmade spirit. We’re thankful to Brad for also joining us last night and sharing his gin and company.

Our next film — on local knife maker Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn — is in production now. Joel talks about finding himself at the intersection of the handmade and food movements (“I hit the jackpot,” he says) and more.

And as we head into the Fall, we’re talking to more makers in Brooklyn and nearby as we seek out subjects for subsequent films. Our hope is that you find these portraits as inspiring as we do.


Several years ago, a friend showed me street-art by his ex-roommate, a woman who went by the named of SWOON. I was enamored with what I saw and it certainly was no surprise that in the immediate years to follow, her work would be championed by Deitch Projects and the Museum of Modern Art. Here she is featured in a segment from D.I.Y. America , a serialized show produced by Wieden & Kennedy, that features people at the forefront of America’s creative counter culture.

Bill Moyers interviews The Wire creator David Simon on crime, politics and journalism. They cover a lot of territory about modern America. If you haven’t watched the most powerful show created for television, this interview will inspire you to.