Earlier this year, Beach House released a short film called Forever Still.  Set against different Texas desert backdrops, the film which the band co-directed with cinematographer, Max Goldman features live performances of four tracks from their latest album Bloom.

In advance of the upcoming Nine Inch Nails album, Trent Reznor teamed up with David Lynch for the making of the video for the first single, Came Back Haunted. The track’s character seems to harken back to some of the band’s earlier sounds and the video does the same with regards to Lynch’s earlier experimental filmworks. So, it’s a fitting pairing to see Lynch and Reznor collaborating again.

My friend and collaborator, Alessandro Cortini is one of the most gifted talents that I know. I’ve been listening to his newest track, entitled Gloria on repeat. The track was created using a Buchla Music Easel modular synthesizer.

This music video mixtape is a tribute to visual minimalism.

Director: Grant Gee
Artist: Radiohead
Song: No Surprises

Director: Mike Mansfield
Artist: Grace Jones
Song: Private Life

Director: Jake Scott
Artist: The Strokes
Song: Reptilia

Director: Kevin Godley and Lol Creme
Artist: Godley and Creme
Song: Cry

Director: Spike Jonze
Artist: Wax
Song: California

Director: Roman Coppola
Artist: Sebastien Tellier
Song: L’Amour Et La Violence

Director: Marcus Soderlund
Artist: Avner
Song: Bed For Mig

Director: Johan Renck
Artist: Kent
Song: Karleken Vantar

Director: Nick Knight
Artist: Massive Attack
Song: Special Cases

Director: unknown
Artist: The Police
Song: Roxanne

If you have never seen Radiohead live, it just might be the experience you need to believe that they are essentially The Beatles for a new generation. Much like the band I’ve just compared them too, Radiohead have continuously taken brave risks as they’ve searched for new sounds throughout their career. They’ve grown from talented rockers into worldclass writers and musicians. Their recent in-studio live performance Sessions From The Basement: The King of Limbs is case in point and so impressive that it triggered the very thought that the band has reached the same level of musicianship as the fab four from Liverpool. Below are some choice cuts without web commercial interruptions:

Little By Little
Lotus Flower

Yoanne Lemoine is uniquely talented as both a film director and a musician. He combined these skill sets on the stand-out video Woodkid - Iron. Every shot in the piece feels like a picture-perfect composition from the pages of a glossy fashion magazine.

Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World tells the story of a simple electronic foot controlled device that changed the face of music. The film covers everything from the accidental advent of the technology to it’s marketing, and landmark moments of it’s integration into popular music. This 60min documentary is a must watch for music nerds and guitar freaks alike.

Two of my favorite music videos in some time have a few things in common. Both are filmed in black and white, and both feature some rather spastic dance performances. Lotus Flower is the first single release from Radiohead’s latest album. Control is an electro-cover of the classic Joy Division track by Spoek Matnambo.