Some color snaps from my time in Iceland.

Digging around on an archive drive, I found this old test photo that I shot from the window of my Manhattan studio circa 1999 - 35mm Kodak infrared color film cross-processed.

Here is some good advice that I found on a street in Lisbon. While I wouldn’t say that one should adhere strictly to this statement, the sentiment of valuing one’s own work output and taking responsibility for entering into arrangements with your eyes wide open is a gem.

I sometimes forget that Coney Island is just a short subway ride away. I went for a visit yesterday. We had some fried clams and beer at Ruby’s and took in all of the craziness. Kids were diving off the pier. Impromptu boardwalk dance parties made for surreal cultural mashings of Latinos, African Americans, hipsters, and transvestites. The rhythms were provided by older Latin men. Then we made our way down to the Russian neighborhood of Brighton Beach and sampled the vareniki, pelmeni and pickled watermelon at Cafe Glechik.

I’ve just returned from some R&R in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The island and people are simply beautiful. The mellow town is painted with colors that are muted from the sun’s persistent baking. Stray dogs and cats are never too shy to beg for scraps. Iguanas bask in the heat, but would prefer to go unnoticed. The otherwise quiet town hums with the buzz of mopeds. Often families of four or five can be seen getting about that way. At night, front doors are left ajar and people can be seen sitting on curbs talking or huddled around TVs that have been placed outside to watch the football game. Sol cerveza and Coca Cola cool the blistering heat.

I’ve been waking up in the early hours of the morning to make it to the gym before the rush. I had been very undisciplined with the frequency that I was using my membership, but I have to say that I am rather elated with how it has boosted my daily work productivity and inspiration. And the other big plus about being an early riser is that the gym tends to be more like a graveyard, thereby avoiding other people’s strange locker-room behavior like clipping toe nails on the bench or waxing their nipples in front of the mirror nude. It’s much more preferable when it looks like the snapshot below.